Perhaps….. Perhaps I have been alive too long.

I have walked among the verdant hills, when they were verdant. Green, the green of Life, used to rustle with the cool wind as it blew into my villa, just a single days ride from the city of Bodach. Bodach: the city of art and commerce.

I cried as the Sun changed color and the people’s cries for the gods were answered with silence. My tears flowed as their cries for help turned into demands for sacrifice. As the crimson clawed its way across the golden sun, so too did the crimson of the blood of thousands of innocents run down the alleys and streets of cities, until both were stained forever.

I hoped with the coming of Rajaat…a great mind of such magnitude its like was unknown during the time that was called the Green Age. My hope turned to despair as his lessons in this power of Magic hastened the destruction of the world around me. Despair…ah despair was to simple, for it quickly turned into terror as he launched his Champions in a campaign of genocide and hate. His Champions, the best and brightest of his students turned on him after ridding this world of dozens of races and civilizations. I watched from the shadows as they cast him far away from this world.

Numbness replaced everything for millennia as I watched the destruction started by Rajaat and his Champions cover the planet. Vast metropolises simply disappeared into dust, leaving the Tyr Region the only place I have found civilization. A civilization of people clinging desperately to the edge of reason, of sanity…of life.

Yet now something calls to me. A feeling which I thought was long gone tickles the end of my dreams and I wonder if another power has started to stir in this forsaken world. My mind ponders that question during my days of solitude, and I can only respond with one thought: Is that power the end…or the beginning?

Arastia – The last of the Jemaah


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