152 Years Old, 5’11”, 140lbs
Unaligned Female Eladrin – Ardent
Golden Hair
Green Eyes (Pearly/Opalescent Orbs, no Pupils)
Long Pointed Ears Adorned with Earrings
Fine Eladrin Clothing (Soon to be Desert Clothing, ew)

The world was changing. The Fey world that is…..

We have always faded into other realms, the mortal realms from time to time…. Some of our people’s cities fade on a nightly basis. I’ve seen other places, but never stayed very long outside the borders of my people. My father, a noble Eladrin named Hadarai, a summer noble, always encouraged my studies. I have studied many things from playing the flute, to my proficiency with a long sword, to all sorts of arcane magic. But near the end of my time in the Feywild, he encouraged something new. Something he could forsee, but I could not. Working within my own mind, Way, not using the ancient magic but something new.

A dear friend of mine, Dalrine, may he rest in peace, had travelled to Athas: a beautiful green land full of forests and great cities. Before his last journey there he told me something has gone wrong in this realm of Athas, it has fallen into ruin. The people have gone crazy with their powers, wars broke out, forests were destroyed, and all that is left is sand, sun, and danger. Magic is forbidden, it destroys instead of protecting their homes. I could not imagine such a place. I’m not really sure I ever want to see this sad world. But I got word that he went back to try and spy on a king that was gathering the city for something big. Something he feared was going to change a lot about the realm he once loved. He hasn’t returned in a very long time. I hope he is alright. If we could get him back here, at least he would be safe in the Fey…………………….

At least that’s what I wish were true. For the last few weeks, other Eladrin cities around us were fading, and never returning. This was not well with any of our people. Not even the forest elves, our dear friends. What could be causing such madness?? We always return by dawn. Was there some rift we were being sucked into that we were not aware of? Was there some evil plotting behind it? Who or what could be causing this? We must have sent out dozens of scouts to learn all that we could from other cities, other races of the Fey and no one could explain this. We prepared ourselves everyday so that incase we faded for the last time, we’d be ready. The night our city faded into another realm, I told my father about Dalrine and the things he saw in Athas. I told him that I hope to never go there. We would be in a terrible mess, and everyone knows that whenever a mortal civilization is in a flurry of panic, without the typical resources they were use to having, they race to feed off of others. By any means necessary. Survival and all that. We prepared ourselves, but also were readying our minds and security, incase of the worst.

I was outside, before we would travel, it was starry out… I was sitting under one of the many trees with my favorite shade of purple leaves staring at the sky: black, white glittery stars, with streaks of green space. My flute set a nice tone for relaxing after a day of practicing the sword. Dalrine brought me a book before he left that looked like a child’s book training in the art of “psionic powers”. Apparently you don’t use magic at all. It comes from within. I’d been flipping through it all day, pretending I knew how to do these things. I memorized a ton of their “spells” but can’t exactly use it here. Not sure why. But it seems rather interesting. I sat the book down when I played my flute and as I was playing I saw something that looked like a cone start to go across the road down a ways. It looked like dirt?! I had never seen such a thing and stood to get a better look. I looked over towards the city and saw dark clouds growing over it.

I grabbed my book and flute and raced to be within the walls and as stepped through the gate I looked back and saw trees being ripped apart. Actually ripping out of the ground and swirling within the spinning dirt cones. Our world was being destroyed right before our eyes. There was nothing we could attack, to protect, it was….nature itself. Or some form of nature we had never encountered before. We shut the gates, waiting to either be destroyed with this beautiful land, or hoping to fade quickly as we always did at night. And as if our prayers were being answered at once, the city grew dark and then extremely bright within a second of itself and we were somewhere new. It was very hot, very bright, and very strange. I shook my hair and dirt fell out of it. Ew!!! I cannot stand being dirty! I drew my sword and stayed behind our guards as they opened the gates to greet this new land. We seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. No major cities in sight….. a few creatures who pulled a cart of objects, selling to other creatures here and there. But very dry and gross looking. We could see far off in the distance something that could be big, maybe that was a city? We needed scouts to go check it out. I could definitely tell this was the dreaded Athas I never wanted to see!!! I wanted desperately to be in the scouting party, I had to find Dalrine. I joined the gathered group to go scout. We packed rations, weapons, and extra clothing. I made sure to grab my book and flute as well. You never know how long we’ll be gone! Boy do I wish I still had some of those things. We didn’t even get a mile away from the city and we were ambushed by these disgusting bugs that were as tall as US. We fought and fought but there were too many of them. And any spell we used against them caused destruction around us! I used the largest spell I knew that would blast them all and I heard a crack and crumble from behind us…a huge part of a tower from our city had fallen!! Was THIS what Dalrine was talking about? Magic=destruction?

I quickly ordered my party to stop using spells to only use weapons and as I was trying to explain QUICKLY to them that we were going to destroy our city by doing this my weapons were taken from me! MY GORGEOUS BLADES were just TAKEN by BUGS! What could I do?

I had no spells, no weapons, I backed up as far as I could and tried to instruct my party. A few fell. The others finally listened and they had no other choice but to hand over their weapons and our enemies scurried off with them toward the place we were going. We looked at eachother, wondering why that was all they wanted, and followed them.

We neared the “city” (if you want to call it that. It looked disgusting) and it was more circular than widespread or tall. We stepped into the gates and were searched immediately. All my extra fine clothing, hidden daggers, anything shiny basically was taken. We yelled and tried to fight back but were kicked into a place where it seemed the entire realm had gathered. A lot of their people seemed to fear us, had they never seen our kind before? At least this many of us together? All sorts of races were together, sitting in a circular outdoor building where there was a huge area of empty dirt in the middle. A king, or noble of sorts sat in his own section. I could tell he was important. He had guards and everything. What was going on?! Why couldn’t we have our things, why is everyone so violent and why is magic so destructive here? I searched the crowds for Dalrine but it would be impossible right now. My people and I tried to stick together as much as possible, but maybe splitting up was the best idea. This way we could all plan to meet back at our city once we had any info.

But then… the gates SLAMMED shut, someone near the important man announced the beginning of some tournament and humans and other creatures met out in the dirt. They look like they’re going to fight. What in the 9 hells did we get ourselves into?!



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