King Nibenay

Sorcerer-King of Nibenay


Nibenay is ruled by the sorcerer-king who gave the city-state his name. He is an enigmatic, retiring figure, rarely seen by anyone but his templars. Deep within the royal compound at the city’s heart—the forbidden dominion called the Naggaramakam— Nibenay immerses himself in arcane studies and mysterious pursuits, leaving governance to the bureaucracy of his templars. He is so reclusive that rumors of his death circulate every few years, giving rise to unrest and feuding among the nobles until he appears and puts to rest any stories of his demise.

The city-state ofNibenay is ruled by the sorcerer-king Nibenay, also called the Shadow King. For twenty centuries or more, he has left the city entirely in the hands of the temple bureaucracies, emerging from the Naggaramakam only when necessary to lead his forces to war or crush rebellions against his rule. However, news of Kalak’s assassination has reached Nibenay, causing him to reconsider his habitual detachment from the city’s affairs. In the last few weeks, the Shadow King has summoned several meetings of the High Consorts’ Council, asking probing questions about the manner in which the group is governing his city. Similarly, he has taken an active interest in the readiness of his armies and in the affairs of the city’s noble houses.


King Nibenay

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