Thri Kreen


Thri kreen 2
Name Ee’Klek’Tyk
Race Thri-Kreen
Class Hunter (Ranger)
Age 9
Height 5’ 8"
Weight 190 lbs
Description: Humanoid four armed mantis. Mottled chitinous plates a speckled sandy color with cross hatches on the shins and forearms.


On the desert world of Athas is a Thri-kreen named Ee’Klek’Tyk or Klek for short. He a member of the hunting/scouting clutch for his pack. The Ky’Thal Pack were nomads in the lands between the hinterlands and glowing desert. They lived off these lands for uncounted generations. This mighty pack had no fear of thieving elven raiders, or the fiercest desert beasts. Pack Ky’Thal has endured crazy defilers and horrid desert storms. Though it had no great city it’s influence was felt far and wide. It was a strong pack till the Dragon came. That may have been the end of the Ky’Thal, but that was far from the end of the story of Ee’Klek’Tyk.

Before the coming of the Dragon….. “Chul’Khet what do you think of the new hunter?” “Well Pahk’Rer he isn’t the biggest.” “If he were bigger he would be in a defense clutch.” “He isn’t the strongest either.” “The strongest are always placed in a raider clutch, and quit being so evasive.” “Easy Pahk, no need to pounce the subject.” “You are evading again.” “Yes, yes. He is fast, a good climber, an excellent stalker, he looks to be a fine hunter.” “Chul’Khet you mangy shell back, you can do better than that.” “Sigh…he is awkward, anti-social, but focused and persistent.” “He is like a reaper claw.” “It requires tedious amounts sanding and buffing, but if it holds up to the stress of that labor it makes the keenest blade.” “I plan to see how he holds up under the stress of his new duties.”

Easy. Focus. Don’t spook them, that task for Ak’Tir. Wait signal coming. Target that Irdlu, aim for the heart. The signal. kill, kill, kill.

South of the Glowing Desert…Pack El’Tresk was migrating toward the East Foraging Grounds. It had been a good year. There was ample prey, and plenty trade opportunities. New hatchlings were scampering about. A sour wind crept from the North which caused the pack to tense. A scout hurriedly entered the camp to report to the leaders clutch. The warrior and defender clutches mobilized. The battle was furious but ultimately futile. When the battle became desperate a few of the remaining hatchlings were spirited away to safety. Even though this was the end of El’Tresk it was only the beginning of Ee’Klek’Tyk.

More coming soon………


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