Burning Sands - Dark Sun 4e


The early morning sun blazes as it crests the flat desert behind you, casting deep shadows as you enter the eastern gate of Tyr. The half-giant guards, while normally dimwitted and brutal at the best of times, now project an air of pointless violence combined with abject apathy. The two specimens guarding the gate now gaze at you with watery eyes but make no attempt to remove you from the constant stream of people pushing into the city.

As your group enters into Tyr, you are assaulted with a combined rush of noise and rank smell of too many unwashed bodies. Beggars, peasents and former slaves line the streets, pushing for the attention of those individuals that look to have the slightest amount of coin. More than a few bodies in alleys and slumped against rickety stalls have to to-still mark of death, and blood and worse substances make parts of the sandy street clumpy and sticky.

As you forge into the crowd that mills aimlessly at the gate entrance, you notice a young woman with strawberry hair and lilted eyes that denote elven heritage in her past. Her pristine white outfit outlines her generous attributes, but crystal blue eyes hold all the warmth of the desert night. She smiles as she see’s you and steps forward. Behind her, a massive Mul raises up from his kneeling, towering over her. You clearly remember him from your meeting with the Patriarch of House Voldon.

Once she steps near you she gestures towards your group. “I hope you have good news. My father is desperately looking for his son, and of course I worry about my brother. His location….health…is important to discover. Please, follow me and we will get back to House Voldon. Once there I will make sure that you are given the attentions you require.”

The travel through the packed crown becomes noticabily easier as the massive Mul draws a steel sword that glimmers with a dark light, and within a quarter bell you stand in a large foyer of a small wing of the house devoted to your group. The young lady turns to you once again and smiles her fake smile.

“Please, relax, rest and recuperate,” she says. “My father is out on buisness today, but i’ll make sure he knows you have arrived, and i’m sure he will want to see you first thing in the morning. Until then I will send up Xiaa, our consortium manager. She will take a look at anything you may have….found….and offer you a fair price on it.”

With that, she sweeps from the room, gown trailing behind her. The Mul, after giving you a long and less than friendly look, follows in her steps, leaving you alone.



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